Thomas MacMillan

Thomas MacMillan

Multimedia Journalist

Writer/Photographer/Editor based in Brooklyn, NY.

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Alternative Courts Can Transform Offenders, Not Just Punish Them

Alternative Courts Can Transform Offenders, Not Jus...

Traditional disciplinary actions article

Restorative Justice Can Work Better Than Traditional Disciplinary Acts

Restorative Justice Can Work Better Than Traditiona...

85738800 article

The Promise of Community Schools

No matter how great a teacher is, kids can’t learn if they’re struggling with challenges at home.

485349251 article

The Standout Efforts That Are Getting Americans Back to Work

What will it take to find jobs for the 9 million unemployed?

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5 Ways To Strengthen Ties Between Cops and Citizens

When tanks and tear gas don't do the trick.

Creative commons climate march 09214 800x0 c default article

3 Reasons Why Sunday’s Historic Climate March Could Be the Start of Something Huge

This could be a turning point in the fight for the planet’s future.

Virtual reality eyesight article

Doctors Told This Man His Vision Would Never Improve; He Decided to See for Himself

This video game designer is helping people overcome lifelong disabilities....

La silver rooftop article

Meet 3 Young Innovators Who Could Make The World Cooler — Literally

MIT uncovers the young minds finding solutions for today's most pressing problems....

Computer scan article

The Computer Will See You Now

Scientists are teaching machines to spot trouble in medical images....